Some damaged teeth cannot be repaired and need to be removed. Other teeth may fall out, get knocked out, or need to be extracted. Whatever the case, you need to find a suitable tooth replacement to fill those spots. Dental implants from the Wellesley, MA dentist at Tocci Dental Associates is a great option when it comes to refilling a smile that has suffered a loss of natural teeth.

We work with some of the area’s premier surgeons to ensure your dental implants are placed correctly. Additionally, Dr. Jeff Tocci earned a surgical and restorative dental implant certification from Harvard School of Dental Medicine to help you get the best end result possible.

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Dental Implant Options at Tocci Dental Associates

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that are gently placed into your jaw, often with dental sedation. Our trusted surgical partners handle all of our patients’ dental implant placements. Our surgeons can provide both traditional dental implant and mini dental implant if you are lacking the bone mass for regular-sized implants.

  • Single Implants – A single implant is placed by one of our trusted partners to replace a single missing tooth. Thanks to our in-house CEREC technology, we can have your smile repaired that same day with a dental crown.
  • Multiple Implants – Once your implants have been placed, we will custom-make your dental crowns and attach them the same day as your implant procedure.
  • Implant-Supported Bridges – Instead of traditional crowns anchoring your dental bridge, this bridge attaches to dental implants and benefits from the stability that implants provide.
  • Implant-Retained Dentures – Your denture is held in place thanks to strategically placed dental implants with ball attachments on top. These balls fit into matching receptors on the underside of your custom denture, giving you a stable, secure fit. Often, these restorations can be placed the same day as your dental implants.

Rebuild Your Full Smile with Dental Implants

Call our Wellesley, MA dentist team today at 781-304-8172 to set up a time to come in and talk with Dr. Jeff Tocci about whether dental implants are right for your smile. Use our online form to ask any questions you might have regarding the dental implant process, or even to schedule your appointment. Trusted Wellesley, MA dentist Dr. Jeff Tocci and his team will make sure you have a smile that is second to none.

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