Protect Your Teeth with Athletic Mouthguards in Wellesley, MA

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When you step on the court, field, mat, or ice, you want to keep your smile safe from harm. The best way of doing that is with custom-fit athletic mouthguards from Wellesley, MA dentist Dr. Jeffrey Tocci. A mouthguard will give you the peace of mind you need to perform your best!

Compared to mouthguards from sporting goods stores, our mouthguards are:

  • More Comfortable – Since they are custom-made for your mouth, they will fit perfectly. You or your athlete won’t be tempted to play without it.
  • More Durable – We make our custom athletic mouthguards in-house, using the same quality materials found in mouthguards worn by college and professional athletes.
  • More Team Oriented – We can customize mouthguards for you using your team colors.

Call Dr. Tocci at our Wellesley, MA dental office today at 781-304-8172 to get a mouthguard for you or your child athlete.

Mouthguards Offer Multiple Kinds of Protection

An athletic mouthguard protects you against different kinds of damage:

  • Outside Dangers – Keep your teeth safe from objects like cleats, balls, pucks, and even the ground or other athletes.
  • Inside Dangers – Your custom athletic mouthguards can keep your teeth from contacting each other, meaning less risk of chips, cracks, or breaks while you play. Mouthguards also protect your teeth from damaging your tongue, cheeks, and lips.
  • Concussions – A custom-fit mouthguard reduces the risk of head injury. Your mouthguard will spread the force of any impact to your head and may lessen your chances of suffering a concussion.

Call 781-304-8172 today to schedule a fitting for custom athletic mouthguards. Make sure your smile looks as good after the game as it did before it started, with the help of our Wellesley, MA dental team!