Teeth Contouring in Wellesley, MA Can Make a Change for the Better

You deserve a beautiful and healthy smile. For better or worse, the shape of your teeth can make you feel self-conscious about smiling. If you live in or near Wellesley, MA, you don’t need to worry. You can get teeth contouring or crown lengthening to:

Teeth Contouring and Crown Lengthening at Tocci Dental Associates Read Transcript
  • Create a more attractive smile
  • Improve the function of your teeth
  • Correct imbalances in your smile
  • Reduce wear and tear on your teeth

By changing the shape of teeth or exposing more of them, you could feel better about your entire smile. At Tocci Dental Associates, we can help you make the changes you want to see. Call 781-304-8172 today to make an appointment.

Shape Your Teeth to Reshape Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t always involve complex treatments that require multiple steps. It can be as simple as getting rid of the things you don’t like.

If one tooth draws too much attention, it can take away from your overall smile. For example, you may have a misshapen tooth or a small but noticeable chip in one of your teeth. You also could have a tooth that looks large in comparison to the rest of your smile. In each of these situations, removing a small bit of enamel could make a big difference.

Dental contouring is how we do this. It’s a virtually pain-free process, and it can be completed in a single dental appointment.

Let Your Teeth Show

Ideally, your smile will have a good balance between teeth and gums, with your teeth playing the lead role. If your teeth look short, it could be because they did not erupt as much as other people’s teeth. To let your teeth take a more prominent role in your smile, Dr. Tocci can remove a bit of gum tissue, often with a gentle laser. In the end, your teeth look longer, and your smile looks the way you want.

Dr. Tocci has been helping people improve their smiles for decades at our Wellesley, MA dentist office. Set up a consultation to find out what tooth contouring or crown lengthening could do for you. To contact Tocci Dental Associates, call us at 781-304-8172.