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With summer approaching, this is a great time to think about your next visit to the dentist. If it has been a while since your last appointment, or if you feel a bit of dental anxiety, we can help you get back on track. At our Wellesley, MA dentist’s office, we have found that relaxation dentistry can quickly put your fears to rest. What’s more, our dental sedation techniques can help you overcome your fear of the dentist while also providing many other benefits.  Keep reading to hear all about them, and then call us at 781-304-8172 to request your next gentle dental appointment at Tocci Dental Associates.

Your Perception Of Time Is Altered

Importantly, dental sedation can make the time required to work on your teeth and gums pass a lot more quickly. Plus, in some cases sedation can make it so you have very little memory of your procedure.

You Can Get More Than One Treatment

Even if you are a good sport, there’s typically a limit to how much a patient can handle before it’s been simply too much dental care for one visit. However, with the help of relaxation dentistry, you can get all the care you need, even multiple procedures, all at once.

Your Gag Reflex Can Be Turned Off

If you don’t like the thought of weird dental tools and someone else’s hands going into your mouth, you aren’t the only one. This can cause a subconscious gagging reaction that slows down or interrupts our plans for treatment. When we set you up with sedation dentistry, your gag reflex will be relaxed along with the rest of your body, alllowing us to work on your smile.

You Won’t Feel Fidgety

Can’t seem to sit still in the dentist’s chair? No problem! Even mild levels of sedation can help patients sit still long enough to get the care they deserve. Sometimes folks with disabilities can really benefit from this kind of assistance. Be sure to let us know if you have any special needs to consider.

Your Sensitivity Is Decreased

If you have teeth or gums that are so sensitive you can’t handle even the simplest of dental treatments, like profeesional teeth cleanings, sedation can help with that too.

What We Can Offer

Laughing gas is administered safely through a mask. This is a mild sedative that works well for patients of all ages and the effects wear off within minutes of your procedure’s completion.

We also have oral sedation, which comes through a pill that you swallow beforehand. This level of sedation dentistry will get you to a sleep-like state, while leaving you conscious. However, you won’t remember much about your visit when it is over.

At Tocci Dental Associates, we provide lots of other comfort options to further enhance your experience. With any luck, you’ll walk out more relaxed than when you came in!

Call Now For Gentle Dentsitry

Call Tocci Dental Associates in Wellesley, MA right away at 781-304-8172 or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment to experience relaxation dentistry. Besides sedation options, we have massage chairs, eye wraps, iPods, a soothing staff and a whole lot more. Come see for yourself!