Reclaim Your Health With Tooth-Colored Fillings In Wellesley, MA

Tooth Fillings - Tooth Decay Solution in Wellesley, MA | Dr. Jeff Tocci | Tocci Dental Associates

Even if you are being diligent about your oral health habits at home, and coming to see us every 3-6 months for a professional teeth cleaning and dental exam, it’s still possible that tooth decay could rear its ugly head at some point in your life.

Trust us, it’s a lot less likely that you would experience cavities in this scenario, but if you did have some issues in that regard, we would be able to catch them early enough to stop the spreading damage with a conservative method like a dental filling. That’s the one big advantage to coming to see us regularly.

Don’t worry, our dental fillings are different than the ones you might have encountered before. They will look great in your mouth, while restoring health to your smile at the same time. That’s because we can offer tooth-colored fillings at our Wellesley, MA dental office. Keep reading to hear more about modern dental fillings and then be sure to call us at 781-304-8172 to request your next appointment.

Dental Fillings Are Better Than Ever

Dental fillings have been around for a long, long time. They serve to protect your mouth from the further spread of tooth decay and bacterial infection.

The process is pretty straightforward. The part of your smile that has been overtaken decay is removed. Then the healthy tooth enamel that’s left will be used to give a dental filling something to bond with so the filling stays firmly in place. That seals the hole, or cavity, and prevents any more spreading of that decay.

This procedure has been proven to be highly effective at restoring health but many dentists still use those old-fashioned metal fillings that are annoying and distractingly out of place with your overall smile.

Fortunately, there is a new and improved way to fill a cavity.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Will Enhance Your Smile

In the old days, you wouldn’t have had any say about the materials s dentist used to clean out decay and fill in a tooth. The standard arrangement was to use gold fillings or, more commonly, the amalgam type, which was a mix of different metals, including mercury, that resulted in a darker and unnatural-looking filling. There has been no definitive conclusion about the possible health risks created by the mercury used in metal fillings. Still, many patients want to play it safe, and we are happy to accomodate them. And everyone can agree that the amalgam was not such a good look against the rest of your pearly-white smile.

Since we’re now able to remove any decay and fill your cavity with a composite resin that’s matched to your natural tooth color, you won’t have to worry about having mercury in your mouth or what the optics of metal against clean white teeth would be. The best part is that they are strong and built to last. Plus, you will save yourself from potential root canals or extractions down the road.

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