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Millions of Americans wrestle with a fear of the dentist that can at times be paralyzing. Maybe you can relate on some level. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to hear that Tocci Dental Associates makes it easy for folks in the same boat as you to work through that dental anxiety. Around here we take a comprehensive approach to family dental care and practice a much more gentle dentistry than the kind you’ll find offered at a lot of other offices. Keep reading to hear more about what we are like, and why you’ll like spending time with us. Then give us a call at 781-304-8172 to request your next appointment in Wellesley, MA.

  1.  Modern Tools, Training, And Technologies

Here’s something to consider: Dr. Tocci has been a dentist for several decades at this point, and he’s been adapting beautifully to the changing times all the while. In fact, under Dr. Tocci’s leadership, our office prides itself being on the forefront of modern dentistry. You won’t find us using outdated methods or antiquated tools.

As such, all of our patients are made to feel safe and confident when they are here knowing that our team members are trained to handle a wide variety of dental treatments. This sort of comprehensive approach means you can get all the care you need in one comfortable place without having anything outsourced to another office.

  1.  Same-day Smile

Some people experience fear or anxiety just knowing that they need multiple or prolonged dental treatment sessions. That’s why our office makes sure you know exactly what you are getting into with every available option. And we try to go easy on you by offering same-day solutions that make your treatments fast, comfortable, and more accessible in terms of cost. Many intense dental issues can be resolved in one day around here, including replacing failing teeth and installing dental implants.

  1. Relaxation Dentistry

Getting comfortable in the dental chair is one thing, feeling at ease in the dental office itself is quite another issue, but either way, all you have to do is ask us about our sedation dentistry services and we’ll relax any fears and alleviate any discomfort.

Here’s how it works: we provide basic inhaled sedation in the office for patients who are fearful of the procedures or simply nervous about their visits. Inhaled sedation, is also called laughing gas. It is extremely safe and wears off quickly, so you can drive yourself home right after your dental work is complete.

Another option is oral conscious sedation where we supply you with a safe prescription medication ahead of time that will take your relaxation further than laughing gas. It takes a while to wear off, so with this one you’ll want to figure out another a way of getting home.

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