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At Tocci Dental Associates, we strive to bring you all the cosmetic dentistry solutions you’ll ever need right here in our Wellesley, MA office. And we’d love to help you transform your yellow or discolored smile in time for spring with one of our professional teeth whitening treatments. Keep reading to hear all about what we can do for you, and then be sure to follow up with our team to request your next appointment.

Are Your Pearly Whites A Color Other Than White?

Here’s something to think about: your daily go-to habits. We all have them to a certain extent. Whether it’s coffee, soda, chocolate, or something stronger like wine, chances are good that your regular consumption of such simple pleasures will leave a less-than-pleasurable mark on your teeth, over the course of time. On top of that, the sad reality is that the unstoppable act of getting older will also serve to darken your teeth. But in spite of all that, there is hope for restoring your smile, if you are open to professional assistance.

Store-Bought “Solutions” Cause More Problems

Teeth whitening has become a big industry in this country. You won’t have to look far to encounter a toothpaste or over-the-counter whitening kit that promises to enhance your smile. These products are often heavily marketed and are usually cheap enough to try. But unfortunately in most cases you won’t get much return on your investment with these so-called solutions.

And why would you? As a nonprofessional, how could you possibly know how to manage the teeth whitening process? Especially when they leave you ill-equipped to do so by providing you with lackluster materials. But they already know you are set up for failure and here’s the really clever part: when your efforts inevitably fail to deliver the results you are craving, you’ll only have yourself to blame, and you won’t be able to get your money back.

What is so bad about the materials? The whitening gels are usually weaker than what you would get from a dentist, and the trays that are included seldom fit your unique mouth. This means that the gel, no matter how strong it is, can’t do its job effectively. And since the trays don’t fit your mouth, there is often spillover of the whitening solution onto your gums and soft tissues. So, save yourself the problems and let Dr. Tocci whiten your teeth the right way, with professional teeth whitening.

Tocci Dental Associates Is The Place To Go For Whiter Teeth

It can be discouraging to have an embarrassing smile and not be able to fix it on your own. But that’s why we are here. Dr. Tocci can offer you several better ways to address stained or discolored teeth than those store-bought “solutions.”

Unlike OTC kits that work slowly, if they work at all, you can whiten your teeth in a flash with the following options. Don’t worry, our trays will be custom-fitted to your mouth so that there will be no runoff from the gel. And, importantly, the results will be breathtaking!

KöR – This method can make your smile up to 16 shades whiter than it is right now. With this program, you will get a combination of in-office and take-home treatments.

Zoom! – We have another great option for you in Zoom! whitening products, which can vastly improve the color of your teeth. Our in-office treatment can give you noticeable results in a single visit, or you can complete the take-home version in about two weeks’ time.

Opalescence – This professionally administered take-home system can significantly improve your smile fast through a series of easy 30-minute daily sessions.

EPIC™ Laser Whitening – If you need to see a big difference in a small amount of time, this may be your best bet. With this technique, Dr. Tocci can create noticeable improvements in your smile in only about 20 minutes.

SheerWhite!® Whitening Strips – If you are looking for something less intense, these professional-strength strips are a convenient and noninvasive way to whiten your smile around your own schedule.

Start Your Journey Today!

Now that you know that our dentist-directed whitening treatments will get you a brighter, whiter smile in time for spring, what are you waiting for? Call us now, at 781-304-8172, to request your professional teeth whitening consultation in our Wellesley, MA dentist’s office. You’ll be glad that you did!