Living With Removable Dentures (Blog)

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If you’re missing teeth or dealing with damaged teeth, you need reliable replacement teeth to give you a better, more functional smile. Our Wellesley MA dental office wants to show you what living with removable dentures is like and what to expect.  

Tocci Dental Associates has multiple ways to replace a single missing teeth, large gaps in your teeth, or ALL of your teeth. Additionally, you can take comfort knowing that tooth replacement options are more lifelike than ever before. In some cases, we can replace your teeth with options that nearly match the power of your natural teeth.

Let’s take a look at what to expect from removable dentures. Give us a call today at 781-304-8172.

Affects Your Speech At First

Any big change in your smile or body requires some adjustment. When you first begin wearing your removable dentures, you might notice a few changes in your speech. Patients first wearing their dentures sometimes develop a lisp when speaking. Many of these speech imperfection can go away with time.

Keep Dentures Moist and Maintenance Them  

Dentures, however they are held in the mouth, should be stored in a moist place whenever they aren’t in use. There is a reason we think about dentures sitting in a glass of water by the nightstand. That’s actually how your dentures should be stored. The reason is that dentures, especially the denture palate itself, can warp or become brittle if it’s allowed to dry out.

You’ll Notice Other Physical Changes

Whenever the teeth are lost, you have to worry about more than simply replacing the tooth. The jawbone is responsible for holding the teeth in place, and so when the teeth are gone, the jawbone loses its job. Overtime, the jawbone will begin to recede. That may not sound like a major issues, but jawbone recession causes literal changes to the face AND these changes make it difficult to find a good fit for your dentures.

As a result, people with dentures may develop sores from their dentures rubbing on gums. Additionally, the changes in the jawbone often cause the chin and nose to grow closer together or for wrinkles in develop around the mouth. This maybe cause a patient to look much older than they are.

Struggle to eat food you love

The one number complaint of denture wearers is that they struggle to eat the foods they love. This is because the denture rests on the jawbone. You can gain a little extra support with denture adhesives, but you still cannot match the power of natural teeth with removable dentures. In fact, studies have found that patients with removable dentures only have about 25 to 50 percent of the biting force of natural teeth. That, of course, will limit the foods you love to eat. Many of the foods like apples, pizza, or streak are extremely hard to chew if you’re wearing removable dentures.

Our office has found a way to help those patients who want to restore their biting force: dental implants. A few dental implants placed around the arch can support a full-arch restoration to give you more stability in your bite. Dental implants are the strongest tooth replacement option in dentistry, and they can last a lifetime with proper care.

At Tocci Dental Associates, we can help you keep your dentures snug through adjustments and proper maintenance guidelines. Give us a call today at 781-304-8172 to schedule an appointment.