Use Dental Insurance Before You Lose it

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If you have dental insurance, the clock is ticking on the length of time you have to use it this year. Most dental insurance companies give you an annual allotment to spend, but that amount generally goes away at the end of the year, whether or not you spend it. Our Wellesley MA dental office wants you to use dental insurance before you lose it and keep your mouth healthier and brighter.

Dental insurance is a great way to get the dental care you need. About two-thirds of people in the country have private dental insurance. Most of those come through employers. Some Americans also have dental coverage through public programs, but there are still more than 72 million Americans who did not have dental coverage in 2016.

We recommend that you visit the dentist about once every six months. This helps us control infections and even to  Dental insurance makes it easier to receive dental cleanings and exams, dental restorations, and even some forms of orthodontic care. If you have schedule your second dental visit of the year, now is the time to call our office. Reach us today at 781-304-8172. But there are things you should know about dental insurance:

  • Cardholders pay dental premiums every month for an annual amount of dental dollars, typically between $1,000 and $1,500 dollars, but those dollars will never roll over into the next year. So whatever dental dollars remain after Dec. 31, go back to the insurance company’s pocket!
  • If you have substantial dental issues, dental insurance may not cover much of the work

Tocci Dental Associates can help you overcome any number of dental issues. We work extensively to keep patients clear of decay and dental problems, but we can also treat major problems like missing teeth.

Even if you have dental insurance, extensive dental work is still expensive. That’s why we’re offering a number of ways to pay for your treatment, including cash or credit card. We also carry CareCredit, a program that allows you to finance your dental work. Unfortunately, some dental work can cost several thousand dollars, and a full-mouth reconstruction may cost tens of thousands of dollars. That’s a lot of money to shell out at once. CareCredit allows you to do short-term and long-term financing on your procedure.

Benefit From Our Dental Specials    

Our practice is eager to share our treatments with you and your family. That’s why we regularly offer dental specials and promotions to give everyone access to our treatments. As part of our children’s dental services, we’re providing mouthguards to better protect your child’s teeth. These mouthguards are custom to your smile. As part of our back-to-school special, we’re offering complimentary mouthguards for children and student athletes.  

For adults, we’re also offering a promotion on teeth whitening. You can save $100 on your whitening treatments in our office. We offer a number of whitening treatments, whether you want to touch-up your smile or improve the shade of your teeth by several shades.

The professionals at Tocci Dental Associates are ready to give you a better and brighter smile. We’ll find the best option for your smile … and the best option for your budget. So give us a call today at 781-304-8172 to book your treatment.