Don’t Make These Common Dental Mistakes

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Our Wellesley, MA, dental office is here to help you maintain a great smile — or even enhance your smile. We can do much of this during your regular cleanings and exams, but most of the leg work comes from you — at home. A great at-home oral hygiene plan can help your teeth last longer and save you time and money.

Today we want to show you a few dental mistakes you’ll want to avoid in order to keep your teeth healthy and looking great. If you’re ready to work with our elite dental office, give us a call today at 781-304-8172 to schedule a visit.

Here are a few dental mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Not brushing long enough

Our dental hygiene team constantly reminds every patient to brush at least twice a day, usually in the morning and night. This rids the mouth of harmful bacteria that can create cavities. One thing we’ve found is that, even if patients are brushing twice, they aren’t brushing long enough. The American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth TWICE day for at TWO MINUTES at a time. Be sure to reach every corner of the mouth while brushing. Some patients accomplish this by using timers or dental apps to make sure they are thoroughly brushing.

2. Skipping the floss

A recent study by the American Dental Association found that only about 4 out of 10 Americans regularly floss their teeth. That’s a problem because about 35 perfect of the tooth is beneath the gum line. It’s nearly impossible to clean the entire tooth without flossing. Additionally, floss is a great way to remove plaque buildup from beneath the gum line and to reduce the risk of gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss.

3. Ignoring dental pains

Your teeth and gums shouldn’t hurt. If you have pain while you eat or exposure to cold and hot things, then something isn’t right. Tooth pain can be evidence of problems like tooth decay, root problems, bite problems, or even gum issues. There are a number of possibilities, and so it’s important to visit a qualified dentist so they can diagnose the problem and provide any necessary treatments. Plus, you don’t want a small problem to snowball into a big problem.

4. Missing dental appointments

It’s recommended that you visit the dentist once every six months for regular cleanings and exams. This  allows us to do two things: One, we can monitor the teeth and address any issues as soon as they arise. And two, we clean the surface of the teeth to remove harmful bacteria and plaque to make sure the teeth stay clean and healthy.

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