3 Major Advantages of Same-Day Crowns

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In America this year, dentists will place millions of dental crowns. Some people will need crowns because the dental decay cannot be restored with a filling, or the tooth needs root canal therapy. You can even use crowns for cosmetic dental purposes.

Crowns are versatile and common, and our Wellesley MA dental office has made this process more convenient than ever. A few years ago, we began offering same-day dental crowns with a system known as CEREC. Most dental crowns are being placed over two or even three visits, but we do everything in about 90 minutes. Imagine taking a long lunch break and coming back to work with a high-functioning crown.  

Today we want to share three of the major benefits of same-day crowns.

1. Digital Impressions Gives Us Great Results

CEREC uses special digital technology to scan the tooth and then has an in-office milling station to design the crown. The digital scan allows us to find the most appropriate fit for your new crown, and it eliminates the need for those terrible goopy impressions. The fit is everything in a crown. A crown that is too big or too small or doesn’t sit on the prepared tooth appropriately, has a higher likely of failing over time.  The digital scan is sent directly to the computer software, so the margin of error is much less than traditional impressions.

2. No More Temporary Crowns

One of the worst things about needing a crown is wearing a temporary crown. The temporary crown is usually smaller than the permanent crown and not nearly as lifelike. Many patients have to wear temporary crowns for a couple of weeks or even a few months. The temporary crown is only necessary whenever you don’t have a permanent crown to place on the tooth. CEREC does not need a temporary crown because we can craft the permanent crown on the same day! So, of course, you get to leave the office with a permanent crown and don’t need to return for another visit.

3. No Metal Material

Many crowns on the market have a metal base. The base is made from metal, while the ceramic material is fused to the metal. These crowns are strong and long-lasting, but these crowns also have a tendency to fracture AND the metal sometimes shows at the gum line.

Our CEREC crowns are made from a chunk of ceramic material. The material blends in perfectly with your smile and there is not metal used at all. The new crown will look just like your natural tooth, and you don’t have to worry about any pesky black or gray line appearing around the gums.

With our same-day crowns, we can restore one or more teeth in a single visit. It’s not uncommon for us to complete two or more crowns during once visit. Handling everything in our office saves you time and helps you avoid hidden lab lees! Give us a call today at 781-713-3082.