Make Dentist Part of Back-to-School Errands

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We’re just past Independence Day, but we’ve probably already noticed that back-to-school deals and promotions popping up across the Wellesley MA area.

It may seem like the summer just began — we know your children will probably agree with that statement — but it’s time to prepare for the new school year, if you’re a parent. That means finding new deals on school appliances and even buying new clothes. But keep your dentist in your back to school plans. It’s important that your child begin the new school year without any outstanding dental problems.

Here are a few ways in which Tocci Dental Associates can give your child a brighter smile. For elite family dentistry, you can start by giving us a call today at 781-713-3082.

Schedule Cleanings Before School Begins

We’d love to see your child before the beginning of the school year. It’s estimated that children in American miss about 51 millions hours of class instruction every year because of dental problems. Of course, that means parents are also taking time off work to help their child fix these issues. Whenever you bring your child to our office, we’ll examine the mouth to check for any abnormalities. We can also use these visit to suggest any intervention, restorative or orthodontic treatments.

We can also do procedures that will decrease the risk of cavities. Treatments like dental sealants, which are placed on the biting surface and block out tooth decay. Fluoride is another preventive treatment. It is placed on the teeth to reduce the risk of cavities and even restore damaged enamel.  

Get Them Fitted for a Custom Mouthguard

If your child is active in sports, they need to have a mouthguard. Fall sports will be starting again as soon as school begins. Many sports like football and lacrosse require athletes to wear a mouthguard, but most other sports don’t require a mouthguard, and that’s a problem. The American Dental Association recommends that people wear a mouthguard during contact sports but also high-impact sports. High-impacts sports are like volleyball, weight lifting, or even tennis. Basically, if you can get hit with a ball, clench your teeth, or collide with another player, you need to be wearing a mouthguard.

People who play contact sports have between a 33 to 56 percent chance of a mouth or facial injuries over their entire careers. And on average, about 5 million teeth are knocked out every year during athletes or recreational activities. The cost of fixing those teeth can be cost several thousands of dollars. If you’re a parent, you might spend a great deal of money on preventive and especially orthodontics for your children. So having them wear a mouthguard will protect them and your investment. When your child wears a mouthguard, it will protect their teeth and your investment.

You can find mouthguard in every major sports store or drugstore. Those mouthguards, which are typically boil-and-bite, but they are not unique to any one smile. Our mouthguard are only designed for one person. We can even place your child’s favorite sports logo or color on the mouthguard.

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