2 Ways to Make Major Smile Changes This Summer

The summer is a great time to work on yourself. The days are getting longer and social gatherings are popping up everywhere. There are weddings, reunions … all of those events where you’ll see people you haven’t run into in a while. So you’ll want to put your best foot forward.

Tocci Dental Associates, your Wellesley, MA dentists, is here to give you a better and brighter smile. But getting the perfect smile doesn’t have to be a hassle or take months of your time. Today we want to discuss two ways in which you can make major smile changes in a relatively short period of time.  

Whiten Your Teeth to Perfection

Are you just out of school or looking to turn a few heads this summer? Teeth-whitening can give your smile the boost it needs to help you thrive in professional and personal situations. We dentists have been whitening teeth for decades, and it’s become safe and affordable.

We have multiple whitening solutions for you in our office. We can whiten your smile a few shades or make drastic whitening changes with solutions like KöR whitening that can whiten teeth up to 16 shades! And for your convenience, we have in-office and at-home whitening solutions.

In-office whitening works in just about 60 minutes. Imagine leaving work for you lunch break and then returning with a dazzling white smile. If you have a little more time to whiten your smile, our at-home whitening can also work for you. We’ll design whitening trays and then prescribe you with a bleaching agent. You’ll wear the trays every night until you reach the desired shade. Whatever whitening you decide is right for you, you can expect tremendous, uniform results.

Cover Up Those Smile Flaws For Good

Whitening can help numerous people, but sometimes people have more severe smile problems than dental stains. Sometime we need to cover up problems like chips, cracks or broken teeth. These problems can happen without notice, and some of us simply have teeth that are uneven and prone to cosmetic blemishes.  There is a great way to cover up those smile flaws: dental veneers.  

Veneers are thin layers of ceramic material that fit perfectly over the teeth to cover up imperfections. The veneers are made from high-strength ceramic material that will perfectly match your smile. Placing veneers is a simple process. During the first visit, we prepare the tooth and then take an impression to get the perfect fit. You’ll wear temporary veneers while your permanent restorations are being crafted. The second visit is extremely quick. We’ll just need a little time to fit your permanent veneers.

Veneers are a permanent treatment, so its not considered reversible. So we’lll make sure that you’re pleased with the final product. Veneers will last for a number of years, and the restorations will not get cavities or stain with age.

Find Your Next Cosmetic Dentistry Today

Our dental team can help you overcome even some of the most severe smile flaws. Your smile isn’t too far gone, and it doesn’t need to take months to correct your smile. Give us a call today at 781-304-8172.