Give Your Family The Gift Of Healthy Smiles [BLOG]

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Christmas is almost here, but you still have time to fill everyone’s stocking with gifts that will keep your family’s smiles strong and healthy.

At Tocci Dental Associates, we know how tough it can be to get kids excited about dental care.

It takes several years before kids take responsibility for their own health. The process of instilling good dental habits early is key, so anything you can do to make it fun is always beneficial.

That’s why we’re giving you some helpful ideas for stocking stuffers that will make oral hygiene a part of your holiday family fun. We also can’t wait to see your family after the presents have been torn open and hear all about what Santa left under the tree! Call us soon to schedule your post-Christmas dental checkup!

Stocking Stuffers For Your Family’s Smiles

Here are some of our best ideas for smile-friendly stocking stuffers that will help make the daily oral hygiene routine something everyone in your house can enjoy together.

Treat The Tech Savvy With Electric Toothbrushes

Studies show the effectiveness of electric toothbrushes for cleaning your teeth of harmful plaque and tartar buildup. That’s what makes this such a great item to include in the stockings this year.

If your child is old enough to grip an electric toothbrush, you can choose from all kinds of fun, colorful designs. This not only makes oral hygiene more fun, but it will give you the peace of mind knowing that as they get the hang of proper brushing technique, their teeth and gums won’t suffer through that learning curve!

Sync Your Family’s Oral Hygiene With A Timer

The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day. Most people are aware of this, but did you know that how long you brush matters, too? In fact, the ADA suggests brushing for two minutes each time, roughly one minute per arch.

There are all sorts of ways you can time yourself, but making it a fun family affair is a great way to get the little ones started early with consistent best practices.

This year, you can buy a timer to keep in your bathroom that everyone can use, or fill each stocking with affordable timers for each person according to taste, age, and personality.

Choose Dental Floss To Suit Each Person

We know that dental floss isn’t on most people’s Christmas lists, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make the perfect stocking stuffer this year. The great thing about the rules of flossing is that you can be flexible with the type you choose.

That means you can buy floss to suit each person in your household. You can vary the colors, the thickness, and the flavor of dental floss for a very smile-friendly stocking stuffer.

Try Something New With A Water Pick

It can be challenging, especially for younger children, to get the hang of using standard dental floss. While we still encourage parents to start kids with this practice early, you can still try other methods of cleaning between teeth.

Water picks are an effective way to keep up with daily flossing. It’s convenient whether you have little ones who are still learning technique or not because it can be done while you shower. Using a powerful stream, a water pick can just as dislodge particles from between your teeth and are easy for anyone with dexterity challenges to use.

Call For An Appointment After The Holidays!

One of the best gifts you can give your family is good oral health, which means making sure to visit Tocci Dental Associates for routine cleanings and exams.

Dr. Tocci and our team are excited to see everyone in your family after the holidays are over. We can clean away all the last remnants the sugar plum fairies that may have danced their way into your diet over the last few weeks.

We can also talk to you about how to beautify your smile with cosmetic dentistry in 2018. Whatever your oral health and smile goals, we’d love to help you achieve them in the new year!

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