Dental Sedation Can Relieve Anxiety & Do So Much More

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Even if you do not get anxious at the dentist, there are a lot of applications of dental sedation that you may be able to benefit from. To learn about some of the many uses of dental sedation beyond improving comfort and relaxing nervous patients, call Tocci Dental Associates at 781-304-8172 today.

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We know your life is already pretty hectic, so we offer convenient hours that go beyond the normal nine-to-five schedule of most dentist offices. We open early at 7:00 a.m. four days a week and stay late until 7:00 p.m. three days a week so you can get the dental care you need before or after work!

While Dr. Jeffrey W. Tocci and our compassionate team typically administer dental sedation in order to relieve dental anxiety, there are actually many other uses for the mild sedatives we can provide. To learn more, check out some of the other uses below!

Take Advantage Of The Many Uses Of Dental Sedation

We are thoroughly trained in providing dental sedation and will monitor you carefully if you choose this option.

The nitrous oxide dental sedation we offer – more commonly known as “laughing gas” – is a gas mixed with oxygen that a patient inhales through a small mask. Within only a moment or two, a nervous patient will relax fully but stay conscious so we can communicate during treatment. Because it takes effect and wears off quickly, you can drive yourself to and from your visit.

One instance where nitrous oxide dental sedation could be useful is if you need multiple dental treatments performed. To save you time, we’ll provide nitrous oxide to relax you and allow us to work more quickly. Depending on what you need done, we may be able to complete all of your treatments in a single visit instead of spreading your procedures across multiple appointments.

Certain dental services that are more invasive are also more comfortable and easier for the patient with the help of dental sedation. For instance, we offer a variety of oral surgery options that can be completed more easily with dental sedation. Whether you need a bone preservation treatment to prepare your jaw for a dental implant or you need to remove a problem tooth, we can offer nitrous oxide for your comfort.

Nitrous oxide can also come in handy for patients that have a strong gag reflex. You may not be afraid of the dentist at all, but if you gag easily even something as routine as a dental cleaning and exam could be very frustrating and difficult for you. By inhaling a little bit of nitrous oxide, you’ll be able to relax fully so we can improve the health and beauty of your pearly whites!

Patients with special needs can also benefit in big ways from dental sedation. If your child or someone else in your family has trouble understanding dental treatments and consequently is unable to sit still in the dentist’s chair, nitrous oxide may be a great solution. Nitrous oxide can also be very helpful for patients that deal with hyperactivity or other conditions that make it difficult to sit still.

Along with offering dental sedation to relieve dental anxiety, we also provide a variety of comfort options to make your appointments with us as pleasant as possible, including:

  • iPods with a variety of music options for you to enjoy
  • Streaming movie eyewear so you can distract yourself while we perform your dental treatments
  • Aromatherapy neck and eye wraps to soothe your nerves
  • Heated blankets to keep you cozy
  • Massage chairs to reduce your stress
  • A beverage bar to refresh you

Our calming, soothing team is also just as qualified in people skills as they are in dental skills. When you arrive at our office, we’ll greet you warmly and listen carefully to your smile goals and any concerns you may have. We want you to feel valued and heard from the moment you arrive. If there’s anything we can do to improve your visit, just let one of us know!

Get a more comfortable, easier visit at the dentist by calling Tocci Dental Associates at 781-304-8172 and learning about the many uses of dental sedation. You can also use our handy online form or visit our Wellesley, MA dentist office in person to schedule or ask a friendly team member questions.