The Blessings Of Restorative Dentistry [BLOG]

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Chewing without pain, smiling without embarrassment… these are things we rarely even think about until it’s too late. Our teeth are incredibly strong and durable by design, but that doesn’t mean they’ll never need repair.

No other time of year does that truth become more evident than Thanksgiving and the holiday season that follows. Why? Because you’re not only surrounded by a buffet of delicious treats, but you’re also surrounded by family and friends who keep shoving a camera in your face trying to capture all the memories.

If your teeth aren’t working properly, are causing you pain, or are making you feel too embarrassed to smile, you need restorative dentistry at Tocci Dental Associates.

Our team of experienced professionals, along with our cutting-edge technology, we can fix your teeth so you can eat and smile with confidence this season! Today, we’re taking a closer look at the ways restorative dentistry can be a blessing for your mouth, especially this time of year.

The Many Blessings Of Restorative Dentistry

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s take a minute to count just some of the many blessings of restorative dentistry!

What If You Have A Decayed Tooth?

Tooth decay can threaten your teeth at any age. Luckily, the solution is quite simple!

At Tocci Dental Associates, we use a tooth-colored resin that fills and seals a cavity so that your smile remains aesthetically pleasing and protected from future decay. Gone are the days of dark, metal fillings that call attention to themselves. With composite fillings, it’s unlikely anyone will notice you had a cavity filled at all!

What If You Have Damaged Teeth?

This one may surprise you! Dental veneers offer advantages that go beyond cosmetic. These thin caps look and feel like natural teeth and are bonded to your enamel to hide damage and unsightly flaws like:

-Cracked teeth

-Chipped teeth

-Misshapen teeth

-Gaps between teeth

-Stained or discolored teeth

It’s amazing that veneers can accomplish so much for your smile. Not only do veneers make your smile look flawless and bright, but they’re strong enough to protect your teeth from damage for years into the future!

What If You Have Missing Teeth?

Remember when losing a tooth was cause for celebration? You felt a little bit bigger, and you also knew you’d wake the next morning with a token from the Tooth Fairy?

It’s not so fun as an adult. You don’t have the peace of mind knowing that another tooth will soon come in to take the place of the one you lost. But thank goodness you have the blessing of dental crowns and bridges at Tocci Dental Associates!

With our advanced CEREC same-day technology, we can design and custom-craft a dental crown, anchored by a dental bridge, to replace your missing tooth and restore your smile in just one visit. That way you not only preserve the look and function of your teeth, but you don’t have to wait weeks for your permanent crown!

But do you know what’s worse than a missing tooth? That’s right… missing several teeth. Again, Tocci Dental Associates have the solution!

Dental implants are the most successful reconstructive solution in modern dentistry. This little wonder fuses to your jawbone to behave like a prosthetic tooth root. The implant is topped with a natural-looking dental crown and gives you nearly the same amount of bite strength of a real tooth. With dental implants, you can eat what you want without any fear, anxiety, or discomfort.

Schedule Your Restorative Dentistry Treatment!

Keeping your mouth healthy isn’t just about brushing and flossing everyday. It’s about regular professional care so you can solve small dental problems before they become more serious ones.

That’s why restorative dentistry at Tocci Dental Associates is so valuable! In our Wellesley, WA dental office, we can repair, restore, and replace your teeth so your smile stays beautiful and your mouth stays healthy!

Don’t let time run out before you’ve had a chance to fix your teeth in preparation for the upcoming holiday season! Get the restorative dental care you need at Tocci Dental Associates.

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