Cosmetic Dentistry Works Best With Healthy Smiles

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You know that there are things you don’t like about your smile. It’s a big part of the reason you might feel self-conscious about meeting people for work or in social situations. You worry that they are judging you based on your smile.

But you are ready to do something about it. You have been looking into cosmetic dentistry, and you are considering a few services to give your smile a boost.

Before you do anything, however, it’s essential that you make sure your oral health is in order. Dr. Jeffrey Tocci and our team at Tocci Dental Associates want your new smile to last, which is why you need to start with the foundation of a healthy mouth.

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Set Up Your Smile For Success

If you wanted to do a home makeover, but you learned that there was a problem with the foundation, you would get that fixed first. If not, you could create your dream house only to watch it crumble a little later.

The same principle applies to cosmetic dental care. Let’s start with something simple such as a dental filling. Now, we know that dental fillings are generally considered a restorative treatment, but we use tooth-colored fillings at our practice. This way, your filling restores both the function of your tooth and the appearance of your smile.

With this kind of metal-free filling, the only people who will know that you have a filling are you and our team members who repaired your tooth.

The first step in getting a filling is not applying the filling material. The first step is removing the decay from your tooth. If we didn’t do this, your tooth would look fine for a little bit, but the decay would continue to eat away at your tooth from the inside, causing infections and possibly requiring that tooth to be removed.

By removing the decay first, you can keep your natural-looking smile longer.


A Healthy Mouth Is The Foundation Of A Great Smile

If you are considering any of our cosmetic services, whether it’s teeth whitening, dental veneers, gum reshaping, or anything else, you must clean up any health issues first.

More than 90 percent of Americans will have at least one cavity in their lives. An estimated 80 percent will have some form of gum disease, and nearly half of American adults will develop advanced gum disease.

As we saw with our example of the tooth filling, if you don’t fix the foundation first, your renovations aren’t going to last.

Let’s use teeth whitening as an example. This may be the most requested cosmetic improvement in the country. It’s certainly popular among our patients at Tocci Dental Associates.

If you’ve had previous cavities, you may already have fillings or dental crowns. In those instances, teeth whitening may not be a good idea since fillings and crowns are not going to respond to whitening treatments the way natural teeth do.

This may be a time when dental veneers are a better option for creating a bright, white smile.

At the same time, you may have healthy teeth yet still have a gum infection. This may seem irrelevant at first. It’s not. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States.

Let’s say you whiten your teeth, but ignore your gum health. You may have a white smile, but that really won’t seem important if your teeth begin to fall out shortly thereafter.


Dental Cleanings, Exams Are Essential For Cosmetic Care

We hope you are already visiting our Wellesley, MA, dentist office a couple times each year to maintain your oral health. If you are interested in any kind of cosmetic dentistry, we recommend that you first schedule a dental cleaning and exam.

This will give our team of dental professionals a chance to remove plaque or tartar buildup (which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease). If you already have an issue, we can treat it. Then we can discuss any changes you would like to see in your smile as well as which services could help you make those changes.

Get started by calling (781) 304-8172 or contacting us online. Our team at Tocci Dental Associates wants you to be happy with your healthy smile.