Restorative Dentistry Options That Also Help You Look Great

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Damage to your chompers can be very uncomfortable or even painful. But it can also have an awful effect on your self-esteem. If you’d like to fix the function and appearance of your smile, call Tocci Dental Associates at 781-304-8172 for a variety of beautiful restorative dentistry treatment options.

At our Wellesley, MA dentist office, Dr. Jeffrey W. Tocci and our compassionate team of dental professionals believe in providing smile repairs that function and look great. We don’t think you should have to solve one problem by creating another as you used to have to do with a metal filling to fix a cavity.

With our help, you can get your healthy, gorgeous smile back so you can start:

  • Enjoying compliments about your pearly whites from friends and loved ones
  • Eating the crunchy or chewy foods you love again, including caramel apples this fall
  • Smiling wide and proud when it’s time to say “cheese” for a group portrait
  • Chewing and digesting your food more thoroughly, boosting your overall health

So you don’t have to screw up your work week to get the restorative dentistry treatments you need, we offer convenient hours in the morning and evening. We stay open until 7:00 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and start our days early at 7:00 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!

Get Restorative Dentistry For A Strong Bite And Dazzling Smile

Damaged or missing teeth can happen to anyone. Maybe you were out playing a game of flag football with friends when an unexpected collision occurred. Or perhaps you fell out of the habit of regularly brushing and flossing your teeth and a cavity formed. Of course, there’s also the high likelihood of losing teeth as you get older and your jawbone weakens.

No matter your particular situation, we have a restorative solution that can give you your smile back. So you can make an informed decision, we’ll thoroughly assess your case and discuss all of your treatment options with you before we make any recommendations. If you have any questions, just ask Dr. Tocci or one of our experienced team members.

If tooth decay has gotten the better of you and formed a cavity, we can repair the damage with a tooth-colored filling that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. We’ll precisely match the shade of your filling to your tooth so no one will be able to tell you had a cavity in the first place.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art CEREC milling machine we have invested in, we can also provide a same-day dental crown so you won’t have to return to have it placed as with most dentists. Dental crowns are an incredibly versatile restorative option that completely caps a damaged tooth for added strength and protection, We can use them in many situations, including:

  • Chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged teeth
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Teeth that are weakened following dental treatments, like root canals
  • Teeth that have become discolored because of trauma, certain medications, or for some other reason

If you have a cavity that is too large for a tooth filling but does not require a whole dental crown, we can provide partial dental crowns, called inlays and onlays.

We can also completely replace a damaged or missing tooth with the next best thing to your natural teeth – dental implants. Because they also replace your tooth roots, dental implants provide a strong foundation for dental crowns, dental bridges, and more. Compared to other tooth replacement options, dental implants offer many perks because they:

  • Look, function, and feel just like your natural chompers
  • Can restore up to 90 percent of your natural chewing power
  • Can last decades or even the rest of your lifetime with proper care
  • Only require normal brushing, flossing, and routine dental cleanings
  • Do not require any preparation of your surrounding teeth to be placed, unlike dental bridges

To be a good candidate for dental implants, your jawbone will need to be strong and thick. We’ll examine your jaw using cutting-edge dental tools before recommending dental implants. If you do decide to get this restorative treatment, we’ll refer you to a skilled surgical partner we work with to have them placed. Following a brief healing period, we’ll attach your replacement teeth!

To make your damaged smile a thing of the past and regain your confidence with a variety of beautiful restorative dentistry options, call Tocci Dental Associates at 781-304-8172. You can also schedule or ask us questions using our handy online form.