Learn The Importance Of Family Dentistry And Drinking Water

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You know you should drink more water. But it can be pretty difficult to make drinking eight cups a day a habit as is typically recommended. If you’d like to get professional advice on how to encourage yourself and your loved ones to drink more water, kill two birds with one stone by asking for help during a family dentistry visit at Tocci Dental Associates.

When you visit our Wellesley, MA dentist office, we can provide a professional dental cleaning and exam for every member of your family. Whether it’s time for your child’s first dental appointment or you need to book a routine visit for yourself, we have you covered Call us at 781-304-8172 to get general dentistry treatments and much more from Dr. Tocci and our team!

With our help, you and your loved ones could:

  • Maintain healthy, beautiful smiles
  • Avoid dental issues and expensive dental treatments by taking care of your smiles now
  • Save time and money in the long run with quality dental care and smart lifestyle choices

Visit Us For Family Dentistry And Tips On Drinking More Water

While there is some disagreement on just how much water you should drink in a day, it’s pretty safe to assume that you are not drinking enough of it. For a long time, many medical professionals recommended drinking roughly eight cups (eight ounces) of water per day, which adds up to a half a gallon of water.

To ease your family into drinking more water, you can try various incentives, such as:

  • Using frozen fruit instead of ice cubes to make drinking water more fun and tasty
  • Providing special drinking cups and reusable water bottles
  • Setting manageable goals, like drinking four glasses of water before lunch
  • Establishing associations, like drinking a glass of water after every bathroom break
  • Using an app to track your consumption of water
  • Eating water-rich foods, like cucumbers, watermelon, and zucchini
  • Replace sugary sodas and other drinks with sparkling water

Maybe you don’t see what all the fuss is about. You drink plenty of healthy drinks like juice throughout the day, and those have water in them after all. But while staying hydrated can be a combined effort of various beverages, it’s important to drink enough water in particular.

For one thing, most beverages other than water contain sugars or acids that can wreak havoc on your teeth over time. Not rinsing your mouth after consuming these types of beverages only makes things worse because cavity-causing bacteria will stay in your mouth until it is rinsed away by water or saliva.

Even though the sugars in 100 percent juice are natural, they can have detrimental effects if not consumed in a balanced diet that incorporates plenty of water. Unlike juice, water is also calorie-free. Drinking plenty of water can also speed up your metabolism over time, helping you lose weight.

Another cosmetic benefit of drinking water is that it helps prevent stains by rinsing away bacteria that attacks teeth. Water also keeps your mouth healthy so it naturally fights these mouth monsters even when you’re not actively drinking water. Because water can help you avoid dry mouth, it can also keep your breath fresher.

Because the municipal water in Wellesley, MA is fluoridated, drinking the local tap water can also help keep your teeth strong. You may have heard some mixed reviews about fluoride, but we can assure you that fluoride in drinking water is not only safe but also a smart move for the health of your chompers. If you prefer filtered water, you can easily invest in a water filter.

Of course, there’s only so much you can do to maintain and improve your oral health on your own. In order to keep your teeth strong and your smile beautiful, visit Tocci Dental Associates every six months for a professional cleaning. Not only will we thoroughly clean your whole mouth, we’ll also check for signs of decay so we can treat problems while they’re still small.

When you and your family members arrive at our office, our friendly team will greet you with warm smiles and do everything we can to make your appointment as pleasant as possible.

For quality family dentistry, tips for drinking more water, and other pieces of lifestyle advice to keep your smile healthy, call Tocci Dental Associates at 781-304-8172. You can also stop by our conveniently located Wellesley, MA dentist office in person or use our handy online form to schedule or ask questions.