Worrying Facts About Gum Disease And You

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After you brush, you see a little pink in the sink. You realize that’s blood. Is that something to worry about, or do you normally cut your teeth during brushing?

If you see any blood after cleaning your teeth, that’s a bad sign. In fact, it could mean you have gum disease. This dental condition can lead to some severe problems.

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What Is Gum Disease?

Unfortunately, everyone’s mouth is home to some harmful bacteria. They eat food particles left behind when you chew, and they produce an acid in response. When they live on your teeth, that acid creates cavities. But when they live on your gums, that acid damages the gum tissues. This is called gum disease.

There are two stages to this condition:

  • The first is called gingivitis. Here, those bacteria are damaging your gums but they have not infected it yet. Gingivitis is marked by sore gums, mild bleeding after you brush, and gums that start to turn dark.
  • The advanced stated is called periodontitis. This is when those bacteria have gotten below the surface of your gums and have truly infected the gum tissues. Periodontitis is marked by swollen and bleeding gums. Your gums start to pull away from your teeth, leading to loose teeth as well.

Why Gum Disease Is A Problem

As you can already guess, gum disease is a serious problem. That’s why you need to call our Wellesley dentist today at 781-304-8172 and schedule gum disease treatment. If you neglect this, here are some problems you can experience.

– The advanced stage is permanent

In gingivitis, the bacteria are still on the surface of your gums. Therefore, gum disease treatment can help get rid of them. But once you have periodontitis and a bacterial infection, you cannot get rid of gum disease. You can get treated for the symptoms, but you’ll never get rid of it entirely.

– Your gums can darken and bleed

This can happen even with gingivitis. As the bacteria’s acid damages the gum tissues, they begin to darken. Instead of a reddish-pink, they start to look brown or black. Also, your gums get very tender. Even just brushing or flossing can tear the tender gums, leading to bleeding. You can even have bleeding gums just from eating.

– It has been linked to pregnancy problems

Although scientists are not exactly sure why this is the case, studies have shown that pregnant women who have gum disease can have premature births or children with low birth weights. While this is not a direct cause, it’s something you need to think about if you are currently or planning on getting pregnant.

– The bacterial infection can spread through your body

Once gum disease advances to periodontitis, the bacteria are inside your gum tissues. That means they can slip into your bloodstream. When this happens, they can get carried all over your body. Your immune system can fight them off, but eventually, some will slip past and infect other parts of your body.

– Your teeth can get loose and fall out

As the gums get attacked by that acid, they start to pull away and recede from your gums. S the receding gums expose more and more of a tooth, it begins to get loose. Then gum disease starts to make your jawbone deteriorate. Combined together, that’s why gum disease can lead to loose and even missing teeth.

– You can have gum disease without knowing it

Sure, there are some obvious signs that you have gum disease. If you’re bleeding a lot and have loose teeth, then you probably have it. But you can have the start of gum disease with almost no signs. You might occasionally have sore or tender gums, but that’s easy to ignore and forget about.

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