The Hidden Dangers Of Old Dental Fillings

Teeth Contouring, Crown Lengthening at Wellesley, MA | Dr. Jeff Tocci | Tocci Dental Associates

Most people have at least one filling in their teeth. That’s because cavities are probably the most common dental problem in the US. However, another problem comes with old dental fillings. They are not meant to last forever. As you can see in this video, you can even get an infection when an old filling starts to fail.

Call our Wellesley, MA dental office at 781-304-8172. Dr. Tocci is your Wellesley dentist who can gently remove old fillings before they get too bad. Then you can get a metal-free dental filling that will blend in with your smile. This way, your tooth is both stronger and more beautiful.

Lauren L. on an emergency crown Read Transcript