Preparations So Your Oral Surgery Goes Smoothly

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Oral surgery is routine for a dentist as skilled and experience as Dr. Tocci. Whether you are having problems with gum disease, need a dental implant, or have to preserve your jawbone, you can expect quick but accurate results from Tocci Dental Associates.

That’s why you need to call our Wellesley, MA dental office at 781-304-8172 to schedule your next appointment. Although oral surgery is routine, there are still some things you need to do at home to help your surgery go more smoothly.

Why You Might Need Oral Surgery

The most common reason for oral surgery is because a tooth needs to come out. Dental extractions are thankfully rare, but there are times when that’s the best way to keep your mouth healthy.

Here are some specific reasons why you might need oral surgery.

  • You had an accident or injury that damaged a tooth severely.
  • You need to strengthen and preserve your jawbone.
  • You are replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant.
  • A cavity grew so big that there’s not enough tooth left to save.
  • Gum disease is making one of your teeth ready to fall out.

Call Tocci Dental Associates today at 781-304-8172 to make your next appointment. Oral surgery can be just what you need to live without dental pain or discomfort.

At-Home Preparations For Oral Surgery

– Get some books, movies, or games ready for when you get home.

When you get home from your surgery, you will need time to rest and heal. How much time depends on your body and your particular surgery, but one problem with this time no matter how long is boredom.

Before heading to our Wellesley, MA dental office, line up some books, movies, and games to pass the time. After all, there’s only so much time you can spend taking a nap.

– Buy some bland and soft foods for after your oral surgery.

You need to eat after surgery. You’ll end up fasting beforehand, and you’ll need to keep your strength up while your body heals. That can be tough, though, when your mouth is so sore because of that surgery.

That’s why you need to stock up on foods that are bland and soft before the day of your oral surgery. Spicy or tough foods can hurt your mouth, so stick with foods like yogurt and mashed potatoes.

– Skip all food or drink (besides water) starting eight hours before your appointment starts.

Although the oral surgery done with Dr. Tocci is routine, it’s still surgery. That means you need to have an empty stomach before heading in. Beginning eight hours before the appointment (not your surgery) begins, stop eating and drinking.

You can always drink water and take any prescribed medication — but make sure you discuss those medications with Dr. Tocci beforehand.

– Lay out some comfortable clothes — and leave the jewelry behind.

When you come to our Wellesley, MA dental office on the day of your oral surgery, there really is no need to dress to impress us. You’ll be lying back in one of our chairs for a while, so make sure you wear something comfortable instead.

Likewise, skip any earrings or jewelry. Rings are fine, just nothing near your face or neck. You don’t want anything to catch on Dr. Tocci while he performs surgery on your mouth.

– Read all instructions for before and after your oral surgery several days before your appointment.

Most likely, you’ll receive a set of instructions for before and after your oral surgery appointment. Make sure you read these thoroughly a few days beforehand. The last thing you want is to suddenly realize you were supposed to do something different for days leading up to your visit. If you do have any questions, call Tocci Dental Associates as soon as you can.

Call us TODAY at 781-304-8172 or send us a message using our online form to schedule your next appointment. Given his expertise in restorative dentistry, Dr. Tocci can often find an alternative to oral surgery. But if there isn’t any, rest assured that you can get the dental help you need with oral surgery.